The declaration by the khap in Uttar Pradesh and cowardice by politicians in reaction ..

Everybody agrees that rural India is very conservative; and there have so many cases in the recent past where panchayats in the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh actually punished people who have broken their definition of moral rules and even killed many of these transgressors, or encouraged their family members to do so. Whenever […]

The whole drama about reservations for Muslims and its politics – primarily in Uttar Pradesh

For the past few days, in addition to the many caste calculations going on in the UP electoral scene, there is another twist that has been added to the whole discourse. This is related to political parties trying to attract the Muslim vote and what they can do for it. Now, getting support from a […]

BJP going against it’s anti-corruption campaign – inducting accused politicians for the UP polls

The BJP keeps on trying to portray itself as a party that is totally against corruption, very different from the corrupt practices of the Congress and other parties. As a part of this, the party has sought to put itself as the main supporter of the Lokpal campaign, and had sought a strong Lokpal so […]