The sad state of police independence / official investigations and corruption

This is a depressing story. Once in a while you hear about a young idealist officer who decides to take action against corruption, against illegal activities, and so on, and then goes down valiantly fighting, with the system being against him / her. If this was a movie, then the official or police officer could […]

Aadhar – Will the Government be able to overcome Court resistance

The Government has been pushing for Aadhar to be the dominant identity of the common citizen (although the recent Supreme Court strictures on making Aadhar only applicable to Indian citizens puts some element of doubt on the intentions of the Government to make Aadhar restricted to only Indian citizens) for the past couple of years. […]

Is India ready for disaster relief ? Seems a bit hard to believe ..

India has many possible disaster areas. The tsunami was one big one, the flooding in Mumbai was another one, the big earthquake in Bhuj was another, hurricanes in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are others, and every time we run into the following situation. Some of these are huge, and they cause an incredible problem in […]