The water carnage in Uttarakhand: Will we finally do something about it ..

Somehow, it always seems that we are always in the short-term mode. There were massive flood in Mumbai some years back which converted the city into one floating disaster zone and killed a heck of a lot of people, and there were a lot of analysis done about it. The analysis was that the normal […]

Defense Ministry – Delays in acquisition of critical supplies – Is Antony at home ?

Saint Antony. That is one of the names by which the Defense Minister is known as. And why so ? Because he has a high reputation for honesty that being in the Congress party has not managed to besmirch, and he is also in charge of a ministry that is now appearing in the news […]

The Army chief causes huge tension to the Government, but what about the real issues ?

Ever since reports came out that the Army chief would challenge the Government with regard to his date of birth row, there was some amount of consternation in the Government and the Congress party. Even though the courts finally advised the chief to let go of his claim (they did not say that he was […]