Air India and Indian Airlines – sucking in public funds without any end

The Indian airline industry is going through a period of losses, where the competition between the various airline companies has led to severe losses for many of those involved. So, for example, Kingfisher is facing huge problems in running a full service network, and was unable to run the low cost converted Air Deccan. However, […]

Government takes convenient stand where required about Air India – denies ownership of liabilities

The Government has always had ownership of the national carriers, Air India, and Indian Airlines, and after their merger, the combined entity. In all this time, while private airlines (some of them) have been going from strength to strength, the national airline has been run down to such a condition that if the airline was […]

Air India incident – the airline takes some action

This was probably the last thing that Air India needed. Air India has already been in the news because of the constant losses that have totally eroded its net worth (compared to private airlines that have suffered losses, but are still plodding through). It has been widely reported that these losses are aggravated because of […]