Focus on farmers and suicides / distress and the Land Bill

The issue of farmers and their distress has always been an emotive issue, with perfect clarity in the politicians that they have to show that they care for farmers and their condition. It is a matter of mostly correct opinion that this caring is only window-dressing and does not proceed to a actually useful series […]

The arrogance of politicians – Ajit Pawar makes a very arrogant remark

The way that the system is India is supposed to work is simple. People elect their representatives, who in turn elect their leaders until a Government is formed with ministers. The idea is that these people work for the benefit of citizens, implement policies that do good to people and most important, when people are […]

Public protest and the Indian democracy

These days, India is reverberating with protests, many of them distinctly political in nature. There are these usual bandhs and strikes called by the trade unions arising from the adverse effects of the economic policies of the central government (some being implemented, many others in the pipeline) on the lives of industrial workers, farmers, tribals, […]