The hospital fire in Kolkata and next steps – any lasting effects ?

True learning from a disaster means that steps are taken to ensure that the reasons for the disaster are learnt, and the possibility of future disasters similar to the existing one are drastically reduced. Somehow, the confidence that we will learn a lot from the disaster does not really seem apparent. The recipe for deaths […]

Rail accident – A non-functioning Railway Minister

The assignment of the Railway Minister in India has been a political post for quite some time. The Railways is a huge provider of support, in the form of the number of people it employs, the amount of purchasing it does, the amount of material it carries, and of course, carrying people all over the […]

A greater push against drunken driving – the law tightening the screws on offenders

In the wester countries (and in many of the countries in Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong), there are huge pressures that prevent drunken driving. Drunken driving is treated as a crime that can bring in severe penalties on the person who is accused of the crime, and is justified by the fact that […]