Vasundhra Raje – can the BJP successfully defend her

Something that seemed difficult just a few days back is suddenly real now, and all this because Vasundhra Raje is driving a strong case of political blackmail. All the revelations about Vasundhra Raje seemed to put the BJP on a backfoot, and there was the thought that at some point or the other, she would go down and be removed as the Rajasthan Chief Minister. After all, the recent revelations have put a major strain on the anti-corruption faith that the people have put in the BJP. Combined this with the stain on Sushma Swaraj and the scandal threatening to take on the Munde daughter with regard to Government contracts, the scandal-free sheen that was proclaimed by the Prime Minister seems to have suddenly vanished. The smiles and energy on the faces of Congress members and spokespersons seem to further showcase the problems being faced by the BJP.
The problems being faced by Sushma Swaraj seem to have suddenly disappeared, with the focus entirely shifting to Vasundhra Raje, whose involvement in this whole affair seems to be dragging her down, and since the BJP is now defending Raje, it is putting a stain on the other party. But after the first few days when the BJP seemed to have left Raje to her own devices, it seems that the BJP is now having to defend Raje with party spokespersons coming forward to defend her. This probably seems to have because of 2 main reasons: 1) Once Raje resigns under this stain of corruption, it will be open season. Sushma would be the next one under attack, Shivraj Singh Chouhan is under a cloud, and in Mahrashtra, sooner or later, more ruling politicians will come under the scanner; 2) She does not take such suggestions and orders easily, so it would be pretty easy for her to hint that if she is let go, she will take many of the party MLA’s with her and open her own outfit, leaving the BJP in a pretty bad state.

Vasundhra Raje would also have made numerous enemies over the years, given that she is prone to behave like a royal, being capable of being rude and arrogant. But she is also necessary for the BJP to hold onto Rajasthan. And that is where her power lies. She starts out with a position of strength, and her being the daughter of the late Vijayraje Scindia will also play heavily, given how important the Rajmata was in the early days of the BJP (but a party that can put Advani into insignificance can also gloss over that part).
This scandal is hurting the BJP pretty hard, with daily television and news articles laying a lot of ground to accuse Vasundhra Raje of being close to Lalit Modi and benefiting from this association, and the inaction of BJP in this regard would also be hurting the BJP. The BJP knows that they cannot be too brazen in this defense and when they reach a point where they are just not able to defend her, or when the damage is too high, they will have to let go. One wonders whether the tipping point will be reached ?

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