Where is Rahul Gandhi’s promise on corruption ?

This is the main problem with politics; people make promises to try and ensure a better image for themselves with the people, including the voting citizens, and then have to make a step back when faced with some hard realities. However, by this time, there is very little sympathy for them, for the hard choices that they had to face. Rahul Gandhi is just learning this, and for somebody from the Gandhi family to face this, must be a huge humiliation. What this has resulted in is are media accusations that Rahul Gandhi has indeed reverted from his grandiose words earlier about having zero toleration for corruption. IF he had not made such claims, then he would not have been in the position of having his own words thrown back at him and being accused of being as tolerant of corruption as anybody else.
Let us step back a bit. Sometime late last year, it had finally sunk into the Congress leadership that the Congress is facing an anti-incumbency vote of epic proportions, that the disgust with the Congress could ensure that they might reach a Lok Sabha count which is below all previous figures. So (and this is more conjecture), even though central ministers did their own pitch to deny that corruption happened, or if it happened, it was because of some compulsions, and whenever it came into the public limelight, the Congress would remove the particular minister and maybe jail for a brief time; at the same time, it was clear that Rahul Gandhi would somehow have to distance himself from this taint of corruption. And so it happened, the dramatic events where he tore an ordnance supposed to be issued by his own party Government to signify that he did not support corruption. There were some queries even then, about why he woke up only now after all the corruption has happened, and even in that specific case, the ordnance came after there had been attempts to get a law passed, and there was no specific intervention from his side. However, he did manage to get some credit for the move to not let the ordnance proceed.
But, every corner you turn, there is some aspect of corruption that comes up, and how long can Rahul Gandhi keep on evicting his party’s leaders, given that all of them seem to be covered with taint one way or the other. In the specific case of the Adarsh housing society, Ashok Chavan had to resign from the post of Chief Minister once the media campaign had highlighted as to how many close relatives of his had flats there; and then there was the report that was coming out on the same Adarsh committee. The problem in Maharashtra is that there is no real Congress person of significance over there; the Chief Minister is seen as not more than a light-weight. Vilasrao Deshmukh was powerful, but he died due to a health condition, and that leaves only Ashok Chavan as a leader of significance. So, he needs to be protected, the anti-corruption plank of Rahul Gandhi notwithstanding. When the report, as expected, did put some of the blame on Ashok Chavan, a series of disgraceful steps took place. The Governor denied permission to prosecute him, although there was some opinion that the CBI really did not need permission of the Governor in cases of corruption. And this one is even better, the Government stated that it would not take action against him since there is already a CBI case (which means first they denied permission to the CBI, and then used this same CBI request to ensure that he is not charged elsewhere). Rahul Gandhi did make some noises about Adarsh, but it seemed that his own party was not interested, and nothing happened.
But what has blown the entire-corruption campaign of Rahul Gandhi was first about re-forming an alliance with Laloo Prasad Yadav although he has been convicted of corruption, and then wonders of wonders, the Congress took in Pawan Bansal as a candidate (he was the railway minister when his son took a large sum of money for advancing somebody to the post of head of Railways), and now has gone much further, and decided to give a ticket to Ashok Chavan. They need Chavan, but should not really claim this anti-corruption focus again.

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