Finally the state of Telanga is set to be created ..

But the amount of chaos that resulted was horrific, and there are 2 views on all this mayhem. Either this was done by deliberate action to get the Congress to take credit for the creation of Telangana and yet to have sections of Congress to also claim in the Seemandhra region that they fought the dictates of Telangana and finally managed to get financial compensation for the creation of Telangana; or the Congress messed up so badly that they let this situation happen despite knowing that there could be problems and the schedule was getting awfully tight.
When you look at what is happening right now, it does seem that the Congress really had a problem with its scheduling and planning. If one were to talk about whether all this mess was a planned strategy, the current scenario that is faced by the Congress in the Seemandhra region is pretty pitiful, especially if you consider that the Congress had planned for the former Chief Minister, Kiran Reddy, to be showcased as the primary fighter for the rights of United Andhra, and fighting for the rights of Seemandhra. He is shown to have fought a lot, but right now, Kiran Reddy really does not have any kind of support, any party that he forms will not have really have much traction, and so on. The other members of the Congress from the Seemandhra region are left hunting for political parties to join so that they could retain their political power to some degree.
Even in the Telangana region, the situation is not as rosy for the Congress as it would have liked. The planning was such that the people in the region would be so grateful for the granting of Telangana as a separate state that the Congress would get a majority of the Lok Sabha seats from the region (and hence reduce the problems caused by the emergence of the YSR Congress, which threatened to cut the seats that the Congress might win in the united Andhra before the creation of Telangana). Hence, the Congress would benefit from the formation of Telangana, and this was the primary reason why the Congress was pushing for Telangana. However, the large variable in this entire discussion was the prime driver for Telangana, the TRS. The planning for Congress would be to merge the TRS with itself, and this would create a combined entity that could sweep the polls in Telangana, and since the TRS was now part of the Congress, the Congress could decide who would be the Chief Ministerial candidate rather than this be automatically taken by KCR (after all, the Congress had many such candidates such as Jaipal Reddy).
However, the TRS knows that if it merges itself with the Congress, it loses its own individuality and would be subject to the same High Command that has caused Congress politicians in other states to only be servants to the Gandhi family. Further, the Congress is being subjected all over the country to some massive anti-incumbency and being involved in a large number of scams. As a result, there are chances that even in Telangana, the Congress is not really in a position to sweep. This entire thought process would be in the head of KCR and hence he has flatly refused to do any merger with the Congress and even for an alliance, would be doing very hard negotiations on order to be the senior partner and to stake a claim to becoming the Chief Minister rather than handing over such a position to the Congress. The Congress seems astounded at this, and one can understand. It seemed automatic for the Congress that once Telangana was a reality, the TRS would merge with it, and some utterances by KCR might have led them to this consideration. If they are not able to strike up an alliance with the TRS, they will try to get candidates from the Telangana Joint Action Committee in order to sway more votes on their side. Still, one is not sure about whether they will be in a commanding position in the next few months.
The other problem for the Congress from the entire fracas has been the low levels of discourse in Parliament, and the mess in Parliament (caused by MP’s from Andhra, including many MP’s from Congress) has also meant that many of the other Bills that the Congress was planning to get passed in order to showcase their commitment to reducing and combating corruption have not been presented in Parliament, and the plan to show Congress as committed to the fight against corruption misses many crucial parts. The process for discussion and agreement to the creation of Telangana was handled so badly that it came to this mess where Congress MP’s were blocking Parliament, giving the BJP a chance to make fun of the Congress. And we are not even getting into the details of the actual Bill – the shared status of Hyderabad, the money sanctioned for the state, ongoing projects and the splitting across the geographical lines, etc, many of which continue to stoke controversy.

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  • Congress is playing all the bad role to rule every states. More over it’s good that Telanga got it’s own priority and independence. We have fight against these political parties to get a full freedom in our own country.

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