First interview by Rahul Gandhi – not exactly impressive in terms of substance

You got to hand it to the guy. Either he has lots of courage, or the script did not work out like it should have, or somebody set him up. In any case, it was a grand occasion. Rahul Gandhi has been the undisputed leader of the Congress for many years now, especially after it […]

Balancing public’s right to know with an individual’s privacy, reputation and defense

Consider the widely publicized debate in the media on the sexual harassment allegation by a law intern against the retired Supreme Court judge, Justice A. K. Ganguly. The clamour, mainly in the political and judicial circles and among the women’s groups, in favour of his resignation from the post of the Chairman of the West […]

Congress election pitch – will not formally announce Rahul as PM candidate

For the past many days, there was a feverish build-up going on for the date of 17th January, 2014; this is the date at which the Congress will have a large session. The expectation from this session was that because of the oncoming Lok Sabha elections (expected within the next few months), the Congress will […]