Aam Aadmi party ready to form Government in Delhi, with support from Congress

Just a few backs, the Congress was the party against which the AAP used to speak the most (justified since it is the Congress in power, not the BJP); so to switch over to a regime where it is in power based on the support of the Congress is a huge switch. It is the corruption committed by members of the Congress and allies, and overseen by an incompetent Prime Minister that is deeply impacting the support base of the Congress; as the AAP showed when it made huge gains among the traditional supporters of the Congress. However, after the results to Delhi were announced, it became clear that no party on its own could stake claim and there were not enough unattached members to be able to provide them riches and get their support. It was also clear that the AAP would be involved since it was impossible for the Congress to provide support to the BJP. So we now end up in a situation where the Congress is providing outside support to the AAP; and since the Congress has an old history of removing this outside support as soon as it sees an advantage, the AAP would need to be be very careful that it does not get tainted with the corruptions image of the Congress.
The questions remains as to why the AAP did agree to form the Government ? After all, it has disdained the Congress even more than the BJP, and it received a fewer percentages of votes in Delhi as well as a lower number of seats. This is complex. Partly because the other parties wanted to see whether the AAP would either implode or show it has a weak point once it comes to power, and partly because the Aam Aadmi Party has to show that it can do something, even if it does not have a majority. Let us take each of these.
Both the major national parties, the Congress and the BJP, have been positively egging on the AAP to form the Government and the Congress even bothered to provide a letter of ‘unconditional’ support to the AAP. Their primary aim is to discredit the AAP, which can be attempted by trying and get the party to power as a minority Government, dependent on the support of the Congress, and start soon showing that the AAP Government will not be able to fulfil its promises and start losing support. And that is why, even as the AAP is taking steps to form the Government, the Congress is even now making noises about how support is not ‘unconditional’, not issue based, and that the AAP must provide a timeline for meeting the points mentioned in their manifesto.
The AAP is no fool. Even before they agreed to form a Government with the support of the Congress, they continued to show that they remain different from the rest of the political class and not hankering after getting power. Instead, the AAP is playing a part where it continues to show that it consults with the population for taking major decisions such as whether to form the Government with Congress support. A number of people have tried to criticize this attempt to reach out to people, others have derided the statistics about who these supporters are, and so on. Most of them are missing the point, whereby this continued outreach keeps people involved and also showcases the different nature of the AAP. I was passing through one such small discussion inside a locality in West Delhi, and found a number of people wearing white caps and others not doing so. This was another of those discussions where volunteers of the AAP were speaking to people about this decision and trying to get people to give their opinions. People who had joined this discussion were not leaving, which shows to some extent about the involvement of people in such kinds of parties where they feel that there is more honesty. Such kind of identification means that people develop attachment with the party and will give the AAP some time (as long as they feel that the AAP remains different).
If the Congress withdraws support for some kind of stupid and lame reason, one can be sure that the AAP will highlight this withdrawal of support as a betrayal and if the AAP is able to make some improvements that increase the beneficial impact to people, then withdrawing support could cost the Congress even more than the 8 seats it was able to win. The BJP is the worst off since it can only wait and hope that either of the 2 other party makes a mistake, and if the AAP is able to do some good, then there will be an impact to its Parliamentary election effort as well. However, if the AAP fails in making a mark, then it could be the end if the party.

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