The Muzaffarnagar relief camps and the total mess – who’s to blame

The riots in Muzaffarnagar were a big surprise to everybody, except maybe the people who helped organize the riots. For a long time, the communities of Jats and Muslims lived as one, living in these villages that were essentially farming communities. Even when there were riots in other parts of UP, this region remained unaffected; […]

Aam Aadmi party ready to form Government in Delhi, with support from Congress

Just a few backs, the Congress was the party against which the AAP used to speak the most (justified since it is the Congress in power, not the BJP); so to switch over to a regime where it is in power based on the support of the Congress is a huge switch. It is the […]

Great speech by Rahul Gandhi at FICCI – would have been better if there was no need for such a speech

For some years now, Rahul Gandhi has remained quiet when there were a number of scandals and scams breaking out all over the country. The huge amounts involved in the 2G, Coal, Commonwealth Games, and other scandals such as the Adarsh housing community have all seen something in common from the Congress – denial from […]