Congress strategy against Modi – A challenge and changing strategy

The Congress is still fighting the fight – the fight is not only the presence of Modi and his attacks on the Congress all over the country, but also about the right strategy of how to attack Modi. This strategy is where the Congress is really still trying to figure out how best to get […]

How the Congress party was narrowly saved by an old warrior and a newbie

Since Rahul Gandhi’s unprecedented and explosive remark publicly trashing the ordinance introduced by the UPA government led by his own party, the Indian National Congress, and awaiting the Presidential assent, a lot of discussion and analysis have occupied the media and the political pundits. The allies of the Congress have been embarrassed and dismayed. In […]

Economically viable : Right to escape disease

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Seeman, the leader of Naam Tamilar party in Tamilnadu recently made a casual comment in a public rally that caught my attention. Seeman is well known for his anti-congress stand. He blasts […]