Need a coordinated development and battle strategy to take on the Maoists in India

As long as it is the police officers and others, then Maoist attack victims get mentioned in the press and depending on the scale of the massacre, there can be comments, or not. For example, everyday you can read in the papers about some type of Maoist activity in their strongholds, and sometimes there are […]

Dealing with the Chinese – diplomacy and some amount of hard talk ..

Whenever it comes to dealing with China, there is always the concept that India always seems in reactive mode to whatever China did, almost in fear mode; atleast that is whatever the public message goes. Chinese troops come into Indian territory a long way, and the Government, in a public display of surrender, talks about […]

The vitiated political discourse in India

Everybody knows that two wrongs do not make it right. In other words the wrong things, say, of similar nature done by somebody else in the past cannot justify wrongs inflicted by you or me at the present time. This is an ethical common sense hard to escape for anybody. Yet in most political discourses […]