Delhi 5 year old child rape case – enquiry confirms that police offered Rs. 2000 to close the case

When a major case happens, the first major step of the police is to try and keep the case under wraps so that there are no aspersions cast on them. This gets increased when it is clear that they could have done far more, and the quest is to somehow ensure that the family involved does not raise this issue. The police has a lot of power, and in many cases, they are able to get such cases settled and not come to public notice. In other cases, especially in rural areas, people know that complaining to the police really does not make a difference.
Consider the case of a couple of weeks back where a 5 year old girl was reported missing by her parents, and found it hard to get police to investigate. Further, even though the police did do some investigation, they were not able to find the girl who was reported missing and who was found in the same building, in a closed room, found when some noises were heard. When she was found, she was in a pitiable condition, with injuries to her private parts. She had been raped, and many injuries committed against her. If this was not bad enough, the police did something equally despicable. They counseled the family, and asked them to take Rs. 2000 and not highlight the case. This came to the notice of some workers of the Aam Aadmi Party, and they decided to create a ruckus around this.
This is a bad state of affairs, where you have to create a ruckus to get things done, but this seems to be the current state of affairs with respect to governance and police. And of course, none of our politicians, whichever party they may be, are going to be doing something about this, whether these be in Government, or these be in the opposition. They all benefit from having the police in their side, and hence nothing will happen around this area easily. Consider the fact that soon after all the ruckus happened, the police DCP appeared on television to provide a police response, and in this response, without appearing to consider all the issues in the case, he defended the police. This press conference was massively criticized by the media.
Finally, soon after the ruckus, the politicians and the police commissioner made an announcement where they said that enquiries would be made. In this case, there seems to be a report about the conclusion of the enquiry which states that there were problems in the police process and that an attempt to bribe present (link to article).
The big problem is that this enquiry was made only after there was a lot of media pressure and protests. I will leave it to your conclusion as to what happens in such cases, where there were no protests or public pressure.

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