The JPC report – as expected, the Prime Minister and Finance Minister are pure as snow ..

Was this why the opposition (primarily the BJP) struggled to keep Parliament on the boil for so long ? It was primarily the BJP which had created a furore in Parliament to setup a Joint Parliamentary Committee to get the 2G scam investigated. And this was surprising, since in the past, the various JPC’s that have been formed have never come out with a conclusion that people would tend to believe. And it strains credibility to believe that even when an apparently independent institution such as the CBI is subverted to prevent any stain on the UPA Government, how would a JPC that has a majority run by the Congress and supported parties be expected to make any sort of charges against the Congress run Government ?
And so it seems. The draft report of the JPC has been leaked, and as expected, it blames Raja for everything, declares the poor Prime Minister and Finance Minister as people who were misled by Raja into the huge losses that were committed. Further, since the CAG report had laid out a huge loss, the report discredits the CAG laid out loss without suggesting whether there was a loss or not (and the Supreme Court monitored CBI has listed out a huge loss).
The circumstances of the whole 2G scam was very interesting, especially the way that Raja had gone about the whole business undisturbed by anybody. However, Raja makes the claim that he had kept the Prime Minister fully informed, and it strains ones mind that he could have gone about doing all this without anybody in the Government if not blessing him, atleast letting him get away with what he wants (especially since the Congress was dependent on the DMK for seats and for its survival as a Government). Further, there have been many articles which have laid out evidence in terms of files and so on, that there were several officials in the Finance Ministry who had asked for more clarifications on the telecom 2G auction. In fact, there was a discussion which Raja had with the then Finance Minister (Chidambaram) which finally came to a stop, thus letting Raja get away with what he wanted to do. Further, the Finance Minister has the responsibility for the finances of the country, and had the right to stop any action which would have led to losses to the country, and yet Chidambaram did not do anything.
Now, during the JPC discussion, Raja wanted the opportunity to come and depose that the Prime Minster and Finance Minister were in the know about what had happened, and there was a lot of discussion in the JPC about calling him. In the end, the JPC Chairman, Congress MP Mr. Chacko decided against calling Raja. What reason should we get out of this ? There can be only one – Raja, at a time when everything is against him, when he was in jail for so long despite the DMK then being a partner of the Congress, could not be trusted as to what he would say. There is a lot more than what has been reported, especially with regard to the involvement of the Congress party and the Prime Minister in the whole affair. However, it seems increasingly unlikely that there will ever be an investigation of the full role of the Congress leadership; it is something that it too critical to the survival of the Congress Government and the party.

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