More trouble for Government – senior office caught on camera striking young women in a heinous case ..

The Nirbhaya case supposedly showed the Government several lessons, none of which have been apparently learned. The most prominent example that the Government should have learned is that there is a rage in the population (or rather, in the otherwise unconcerned middle class) which is stoked by the media looking for some hot and controversial news (and in the Indian scenario, there are enough politicians and policemen who can be counted on to do something or the other that reeks of arrogance, and is profoundly stupid). Although unfair, it is true that when this rage gets expressed by the urban middle class, the Government also comes to a stop (for those who disagree, there are enough examples such as the agitation in the Nirbhaya case, or the first agitation when Anna Hazare came to Ramlila Maidan). However, it seems that the Government and its advisors have learned another tactic – that all this rage happens once in a while, that the rage can be handled through some amount of processes and procedures and to get the Prime Minister to express concern. If it happens in Delhi, Sheila Dixit will express her rage and inability to do something, while the union Home Minister who owns the police force will be on vacation, no comments.
However, this cozy arrangement can all go awry. Once you get the people angry enough, the trust of politicians goes down totally (and is not very high). This lack of trust and anger gets expressed mostly at the politicians who seem in charge, which is the Congress leadership. Already the Government is seen as the most corrupt Government ever, and when it does more such stuff such as bring out a JPC report to totally exonerate the Congress leadership, it just makes the Government seem even more corrupt. Right now, what is being seen is that incidents that make the public disgusted at what is happening are keeping on increasing, and all it would take would be for some heinous incident, some new scam revelation, some such other disgusting incident, and large sections of the public are going to look for alternatives.
For the past several months, there are a lot of incidents that keep on getting highlighted in the eyes of the public, whether those are related to the safety of women and all citizens, even in the major cities of the country (forget in the rural sections of the country); when you compound those with the explicit arrogance of the police, the politicians, and others who are part of the ruling classes, you end up with more and more disgust at those. And when there is somebody who can seem to be above the rest, he naturally gets a lot of praise and support. Modi is one of the persons who are likely to get support from an increasing section of the public if more and more such incidents get reported.
So what happened in this case ? A minor, only 5 years old, vanished from her home. Her parents were extremely distressed and also very poor, and the police took their complaint, but you would not expect them to put the same amount of effort that they would do for somebody important. Finally the poor girl was found, and in the worst possible case, many heinous acts were committed on her, and finally she was admitted to a very poorly maintained hospital, where she is given some chances to survive and recover from her injuries (it is another matter that any respectable health minister should have resigned rather than have hospitals with such deplorable facilities as this one).
Some protesters gathered at the hospital to protest, and it was a pleasant sight to see young female protesters come up against the arrogant authority represented by the policemen (same as what happened during the Nirbhaya protest); the difference was that this time, on national television (and TV is everywhere nowadays), a senior policeman was seen as slapping a protester. Now, this may blow over, but the fact that in this case, you had a heinous crime against a minor girl, combined with the arrogance of authority, makes this something that would remain there for some time. And there will be more such cases – the Prime Minister learned and came quickly on national TV expressing his concern; but there will be no concerted action to reform the police force, no action required to clear the legal system and setup the fast action courts, and so on. And since the Government does not have the time or the patience to get into the details for corrective action, these incidents will recur on a regular basis, and now the cry will be, “Why are they happening again ?”

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