Digvijay Singh claims that 2 centers of power in the Congress is a failure, party refutes ..

This seems even more incredible. In the past, utterances by the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister have caused some amount of embarrassment to the party and have even seen the official spokespersons of the party distancing the party from the opinions expressed by Digvijay Singh, and yet nothing has happened to him. Sometimes the opinions expressed by him have been controversial and have been picked up by the opposition and yet, there was no action taken against him. It is incredibly strange, and there have been no explanations from the party about why one of their leaders has got such a long rope, especially when he lost the state of which he was the Chief Minister and does not have that crucial edge which would make him a sought after leader.
In the most recent utterances, he has made 2 significant statements which could only have come from the Gandhi family. First, the initial statement by Rahul Gandhi where he pretended to be an ascetic, disdaining power and equally wanting to stay away from marriage, was read by a large section of the media as an attempt by the heir apparent to maybe present an image of where he was not hankering for the position of Prime Minister, and it was being forced upon him by a desperate party. However, there were other sections who reported that the question of the future leader of the party was still open. As a response, Digvijay Singh made a comment where he said that too much was being read into the comment by Rahul Gandhi, that he would in fact be the future leader of the party. Is it possible for any other leader in the Congress party to make such a direct statement on behalf of the prince ?
The other one is a critical item. Ever since the 2004 elections where Sonia Gandhi handed over power to Manmohan Singh, the Congress party has heralded the 2 power center split as being one that has worked very well, with Manmohan Singh running the Government, and Sonia Gandhi dealing with political issues.
However, over the past few years, there has been a lot of criticism about this arrangement, whereby the Prime Minister has to put up with everything going on in his cabinet, and yet unable to do anything. He had to agree to take ministers that did not perform, who refused to listen to what he wanted, who did what they wanted and let the shit rain all over the Government, and he had to smile and take it all. Obviously, the lack of a powerful position made the Prime Minister’s position positively feeble, but if you listen to the Congress, they will deny this until they lose their voice. After all, to admit this would be crazy, since it would make the Prime Minister immediately be acknowledged as a lame duck. So, how is it that Digvijay Singh made this statement that the separation of powers does not work, and that this experiment was a failure. And yet, the only thing that happened was that the official spokesperson of the party went ahead and repeated that the experiment was a grand success, just like the UPA Government is a grand success. After this, Digvijay Singh did not let go, repeating both his position and that of the spokesperson.
What further proof can there be that he holds a unique position, somebody seen as the political mentor of Rahul Gandhi ? It is supposed to be said of Digivjay Singh that he is the one who is supposed to present a contra point of view so that the Congress can see which one is working better, and then try and jump onto that position. And for somebody whose statements have become so controversial, he holds a position which sees permanent. Of course, in my view, if Rahul Gandhi values his opinion, then that is cause for further accepting that he cannot bring the Congress back from the decline that it seems to have sunk into.

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