Chinese incursions into Ladakh – should the Government take a stronger stand ?

First of all, there is an element of surprise in the entire matter in respect of the way in which the Government has allowed highlighting of the entire matter. The news was allowed to float out about Chinese incursions, the way in which the Ladakh Scout moving near the Chinese tents was highlighted, all of […]

Delhi 5 year old child rape case – enquiry confirms that police offered Rs. 2000 to close the case

When a major case happens, the first major step of the police is to try and keep the case under wraps so that there are no aspersions cast on them. This gets increased when it is clear that they could have done far more, and the quest is to somehow ensure that the family involved […]

Turmoil over the Coalgate CBI affidavit in court – everything now depends on the Supreme Court

Every few weeks, we run into some sort of controversy where a minister of the Government does something or the other, and there comes a call for the person to resign. The opposition, primarily the BJP (and sometimes supported by other parties) try to needle the Government and give a call for the resignation of […]