All the fuss about Beni Prasad Verma – will the Congress give him up ?

Sometimes the ordinary citizen is left to wonder as to why politicians behave in a certain way; they can make ridiculous statements and then try to cover up for lost ground. The ‘I have been misquoted’ defense can only be used so far. And sometimes the rain of statements that they make have a hidden […]

Congress Government down to its last set of fickle supporters – SP and BSP

Who would have thought that the Government would have reached this point ? Just a few months back, the Congress Government looked set to continue with its set of allies to the next elections in 2014. By that time, the internal strife in the BJP would have escalated, or maybe the emergence of Narendra Modi […]

Freedom in Indian democracy

The sort of democracy we see practiced today in India has some disturbing infirmities probably rooted in the history and the cultural diversity that it spawned. The most troublesome aspect among the apparent maladies is the flexible interpretation of ‘freedom’ within our democracy by various stakeholders depending on their convenience and need to acquire access […]