Justice Verma presents his much awaited report – and then ? Silence on behalf of the Government

This Government has been running on committees, with the former chief trouble-shooter of the Government, the now-President Pranab Mukherjee, being the head of numerous committees setup by the Government on innumerable issues (most of which never saw the sight of day). These committees played an integral part of the trouble-shooting process of the UPA (I & II) Governments, when it was in some sort of trouble, do a delaying tactic by forming a committee, promising to take a lot of clear action once the committee presents the report. The main tactic being that by the time that the committee presents a report (after multiple postponements) or does not present a report (but sufficient time has passed), people have forgotten about the issue or it has been handled politically in some way by the Government.
The Government did this also in the case of the Telangana issue, but unfortunately in the case of Telangana, the proponents for a separate state of Telangana have a lot of passion and can see events moving their way, and were able to outlast the attempts by the Government to bring the issue down. This is one rare failure of the ‘delay and die’ policy of the Government, and now the Congress has been forced to state that they are actively trying to figure out a solution for this problem.
The reason for putting this above paragraph was just to give an example of the ineptness of the UPA Government in handling knotty issues when they come up – the initial reaction of the Government is to pretend that nothing has happened, then pretend that whatever is happening will blow over, try and use some amount of state authority of suppress the agitation or problems that have happened, and then finally react after a lot of time has passed, showing that the Government is not really upto dealing with major agitations, especially if these involve middle class type of people or happen in major cities. The Government is not really ‘in’ with the social crowd and the way that younger people mobilize.

And so it happened with the agitation that happened in the wake of the gang-rape of the young girl in December and her subsequent death as a result of the injuries suffered. There was a wide-spread agitation that the Government was not able to understand, and tried all sorts of ways to deal with the protests, including using police methods to suppress the protesters; claiming arrogantly that since senior Congress leaders were aware of the issues and had deigned to listen to them, the protesters should now pipe down; and then finally appointing a committee under Justice Verma to deal with some of the issues and prepare some recommendations.
Justice Verma and the other 2 members of the committee seems to have worked overtime since they did not even seek one extension, and delivered the judgment within 30 days of the constitution of the committee. It would seem that what Justice Verma said about the Government not having any interaction with the committee was correct, since otherwise some Government minister would have conveyed to the committee about not giving the report so early, instead they should taken an year to give the report after which the committee could have given a report about which nobody would have cared. Further, Justice Verma pointed out several core issues about the level of Government support in the committee, such as the Government not having any level of interaction with a committee which is supposed to recommend laws meant for a critical issue – safety of women and even a general level of criminality in the current polity.
And after the committee presented its report, and gave a number of recommendations that were important for the safety of women (and as a side effect, even gave recommendations on how to deal with another critical item – the number of leaders and legislators / parliamentarians who have heinous charges levied against them), there was absolutely no input from the Government, no reaction from the Government. It was learned that nobody important from the Government even received the final report from the committee, with a joint secretary from the ministry of home affairs having received the report. And it was the Prime Minister, nearly a week after the presentation of the report, no doubt told about the seemingly bad sign of seeming to ignore the report of the committee, finally came out with an insipid statement that thanked the members of the committee for their timeliness and effort in producing this report.
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