Introducing the ‘new’ Dilli : Badmizaaz, Badtameez, and Besharam.

Over the years, Delhi has been known and associated to various figures. From being Lord Krishna’s Delhi on the banks of Yamuna, Prithviraj Chauhan’s Delhi, The Mughal Dynasty’s Delhi it has finally changed and metamorphed into Today’s Delhi. Delhi of the 21st Century. So, I introduce to you, today’s Delhi, summed up in only three words : Badmijaaz (Splenetic), Badtameez (Ill mannered) and Besharam (Shameless). What happened a few days back in Delhi is not an exception, but the fact that the accused had enough guts to gang rape a woman in a bus alarms me the most. No, I am not a girl, yet, I fear for the safety of all those near me. The fact that Delhi accounts for 15.4 percent of the rape cases in India is an alarming enough statistic.

Contempt. That’s what I feel for the families of those that have the tenacity to do such things! What have they really taught their children? To go ahead and charge animalistically on everything and anything that’s female? What is the solution to the problem? Can’t we even expect something as basic as security and justice for ourselves from the government?

What really disgusts me is the mentality of the people regarding eve teasing or harassment (which more often than not leads to rape), rather than stopping in they join in! Those who try to stop them are too afraid to do so because they fear the consequences. Why? Would you do the same if your mother and/or sister were there? Would you? Would you see someone pass lewd remarks and call them names? Whenever such a situation arises, a whole bunch of politicians “promise” justice, only to gain political mileage! The Government and/or Political Parties will contribute and make donations of a few lakhs as an “aid”. Will that aid lessen the trauma? The lives of the victims are as it is destroyed. People update statuses, and we talk about all this for a while, say a week or two, and then we fall back into our daily lives. If we want something, we need perseverance. We need strict laws to stop this. But well, I could be just an angry eighteen year old, right ?

If we ought to tackle this problem, the society has to stop considering sex a taboo. No matter how much we say we have progressed and developed, truth is, our mentality is pretty much the same it was fifty years back. It is not uncommon for any of us to read reports where the victims of rape cases are blamed for being provocative. I’m sure these people would call boarding a bus provocative too, right? We need to start giving sex education at government schools, make it mandatory. Not only will it spread awareness but it will also lessen the number of sexually transmitted disease. The government also needs to fast track rape cases in courts. And the last part (which is an entirely personal opinion) is that we need to demand strict punishment. Why just  give him a term in jail? I suggest execution. Only this will change the mentality here.

So, I appeal to all of you reading this, that please do take part in the movement, if you want even start your own, by gathering friends and family, but let’s take action. Let’s not let another case bring us to our senses. Let’s bring change. So that, the next time a girl steps out, she doesn’t have to reach for her pepper spray.

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  • Great article. Truly, the fear of law is long gone, and sometimes that is the only thing that prevents some people from turning into animals.

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