Akali leader in Punjab arrested for shooting dead a police officer who opposed eve-teasing

The problem of eve-teasing in this country is incredible. Over a period of time, instead of girls and women feeling safe in the country, things have got worse. There have been these cases where girls have been stalked and then raped and killed, or otherwise harassed. One would expect that this would be a matter of urgency for the Government and for the system of law in India, but all trends indicate that there is never the realization that this is a matter that needs to be handled with the utmost urgency. The rights of women, especially the right to life and to have a safe life remains under threat. If you consider some of these areas, you will realize what I mean. The Government has not really tried to do anything regarding sexual harassment in the work place, with the only law that exists now being the policy outlined by the Supreme Court in the judgment of a case (imagine, the law in place is that which is not outlined by the legislature, but by the judiciary); the sex ratio in the country is at an abysmal level in many states and yet you cannot see the fear of punishment in the minds of those who promote the selection of sex of the unborn and the impact on society of this low sex ratio is starting to be seen; honour killing and incredibly retarded announcements by the khap panchayats and by various section of the clergy do not see any action taken by the Government except for some verbal threats (after all, the politicians remain worried that any action could see the loss of some votes); even many high-profile cases in the recent past have seen action because of media attention and because of public protests.

However, India cannot depend on media action and mass protests in order to get some action in a few selected case; the rule of law and the police enforcing such laws are the only thing that can reverse the slide backwards.
What do you in such a case ? How could the country come to such a situation where a high profile politician of the ruling party could do eve-teasing, and not of any ordinary person but the daughter of a police official, and when protested, take action including actually killing the police officer. When this can happen with a police officer, it can happen to anyone; in fact it must be happening all the time. There was action taken finally in this case because it caught the attention of the media, else if this was a ruling party politician and the daughter of a normal citizen in a small town, it might have just got a small attention in a local paper, and that would have been the end of the same.
What happened in this case ? Well, here are some excerpts from a media article on the same (link to article):

Punjab Police on Thursday arrested a local Shiromani Akali Dal leader Ranjit Singh Rana in connection with the murder of a police officer, who had opposed his daughter’s harassment by the politician and his associates.
Rana, general secretary of the Akali Dal’s local unit, is alleged to have shot assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Ravinderpal Singh in full public view in Amritsar’s Chehertha locality on Wednesday.

The whole case is incredibly shocking. A girl is being harassed, complains to her father who goes to confronts the accused, who shoot him and all this in full public view. The fact that this happened in public says that the politician was incredibly arrogant with his power, confident that nobody could touch him (and that is a correct assumption since very few politicians get convicted for crimes that they do); the father of the girl was a police officer who could not do anything (also a fact that the cozy embrace of the police with the political class has meant that the police is now treated as the servants of the ruling politicians have lost all respect that they had, especially with their corruption at such a high level – any complaint made by a normal citizen to the police, especially against a politician would have been ignored outright). In such a situation, nothing can really be done. The ruling class will not really crack the whip on their own men (you only have to look at what the SP in Uttar Pradesh believes, they have the mandate of the people and hence can do anything). As of now, there is no hope.

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