Corruption allegations leveled against Robert Vadra by Kejriwal and Bhushans ..

For some time now, the overt public support for the anti-corruption campaign by Anna Hazare was way down, and it became clear tat some change in strategy was needed. At that time, the political class used to make the statement that these campaigners did not represent the people, and if they wanted to make a change, then they should come into politics.
Over time, it became clear that there was a split in the movement, with Anna Hazare and some others deciding to remain apolitical, and on the other and, it was also clear that the intent of Arvind Kejriwal and the lawyer duo of Shanti Bhushan – Prashant Bhushan was to take their protests into the area of politics. This is however a very tricky area, since raising support from the citizenry to the extent required for making an electoral impact is not easy. A number of urban social campaigners have tried to get into the political game and stood for elections in urban constituencies, and have not managed to make any impact against the traditional parties. Even if a party has faced negativity at the hands of the electorate, it has been other parties who have been able to claim the political benefit.
So, when Arvind Kejriwal and the Bhushans decide to form a party, the party needs all the initial kick it can get. And the target plum is a very prominent plum – the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, Robert Vadra. There are a number of stories that have been floating around for the past few years dealing with the riches of Mr. Vadra, and his sudden rise to riches. But there has never been a serious investigation, and even when the Economic Times ran an article some time back, there was no follow up. It is easy to imagine why; for the press which salivates at the prospect of investigating and exposing corruption in politics, the power of the first family of the country would be too much.

So what better way to make a name for yourself. If there are documents that can show problems, or hint at impropriety, at the hands of the powerful son-in-law, use those, make a plausible case and then let the story move ahead of its own, especially when the press starts biting on it. However, this story almost went haywire in the first few days; other than repeating the charges, there was absolutely no further investigation by the press for many days. People of the country, in shock about the relationship between the press and politicians as discussed in the Radia tapes, were willing to believe that there was huge corruption and yet nothing would happen further.
The story almost died, but then the drama over Khurshid and his trust happened, and suddenly you found that there was more news emerging, cataloging the minor riches to mega-rich transformation of Robert Vadra, in collusion with DLF, and with not too much doubt about the corruption levels of the Haryana and Delhi Congress ruled Government, the muck started sticking. For the past few days, the Congress is hoping that this will go away, with no clarification and no details from the Congress or from Vadra. However, it is also clear that some of the charges will stick, and this time, Sonia Gandhi has seen these attacks hitting home. Bringing out Digvijay Singh means that the Congress is down to its stand that there is no real defense left.
And then the news about the Haryana official who was transferred, but not before he gave a bloody eye to the Congress Government and its image. Who can resist the image of a honest Government official taking on the big politicians and getting transferred because of that. The difference is that Khemka is not taking things lying down and even talking to the press, and the press is lapping it up.
There may not be anything happening after all this settles down (which is a major shame on the country), but Kejriwal is making a name for himself, attracting more people desirous of showing off more exposes, and also lowering the opinion of the BJP which is starting to be seen as a poor opposition, unable to use these opportunities, maybe because they are the same as the Congress, an image which would be horrendous for the BJP.

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