Arvind Kejriwal shaking up things – but will this make a difference ?

You know when the Congress party trots out Digvijay Singh to take on somebody who is attacking the party, that it is time for the party to take to the offensive in a way of challenging the credentials of the attacker. It is the point at which the party gives up on using its traditional […]

Corruption allegations leveled against Robert Vadra by Kejriwal and Bhushans ..

For some time now, the overt public support for the anti-corruption campaign by Anna Hazare was way down, and it became clear tat some change in strategy was needed. At that time, the political class used to make the statement that these campaigners did not represent the people, and if they wanted to make a […]

Sanctity of the parliament and the democratic process

Towards the end of August last year, a large section of articulate India, partly whetted with the saturation coverage by electronic media, was waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of the indefinite fast undertaken by Anna Hazare in Delhi demanding acceptance by the parliament of a time-bound commitment to pass an […]