The recovery of the monsoon – a savior for the Government

In the month of July, especially near the end, panic was setting in many states in the country, especially in states such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Karnataka. And of course, the central Government was in a panic, since a low monsoon meant reduced water in reservoirs, and this was even more problematic since low levels of rains meant more water needed for irrigation, more electricity needed, and so on. In addition, there would be a reduction in growth rates for the economy, and this at a time when the economy was already at the lowest level for the past few years in terms of growth.
There were already accusatory stories in the media appearing about how the Government remains ill-equipped for such an eventuality. There was a direct attack about the Government not having set policies in place to handle such an eventuality, with a reference to the NREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). This is a program to ensure that the rural poor are paid for working, as a way to ensure that rural poor get money and stay out of poverty and starvation. After all, if such vast sums are being put in for NREGA, then why has the Government not ensured that a lot of this work is actually used for measures that help in the case of drought. For places where people have focused on water harvesting and other measures such as the creation of ponds, check dams, etc, there has been the creation of structures that have helped people when there are drought like conditions. For a country that is so heavily dependent on rainfall for water for irrigation, putting in the focus for ensuring that such structures are scientifically created in villages and districts all over the country would have done a huge amount to ensure that the country is prepared for drought. The byproduct of such work would have been a tremendous overall progress in agricultural effort all over the country; but there are no indications that the Government has learnt anything from this. In fact, for NREGA, there are continuous reports about a lot of diversion of funds from the scheme and corruption on a widespread scale.

However, the immediate problems have gone away in large sections of the country. For Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat, there are reports that the monsoon still remains deficient, but in other parts of the country, the quantum of rainfall in the month of August has covered a large amount of the overall deficit and given the Government a life saver. If the drought like conditions had continued, there would have huge pressures on the Government to handle the drought, and its impact on irrigation and power production, and one does not really know whether the Government could really do something. For a Government that let the power grid collapse two days in a row, the confidence level remains low.

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  • It may be a relief for the government but people at large are effected with poor monsoon. I visited this blog first time and found very informative and interesting.

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