Current India’s Picture – Root Cause Analysis in a Soft Engineer’s language

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Today when I was driving down my way back from office to home, on a square the traffic police wasn’t present and people were driving crazily just to reach their home 2 minutes early. Nobody cared if driving this way can kill someone, and then I realized people in India now hardly care about anyone’s life. They just bother if they are safe or not and how to reach home quickly without wasting any time in traffic. Way back when I was a kid I was taught that India is a country of culture and values, it was known for its moral values in the world. Then I took a pause and thought that is it “Morals Values” that just to reach home 2 minutes early people don’t even bother to kill someone on the road. I wonder where I live today is it really India that I used to admire or be proud of in my childhood days. I don’t understand where my country is leading towards. I read in news and hear from people about how India is growing faster and its one of the most developing nation in the world. Is it a reality or a myth??? Is a big question in front of us now.

I feel we have gone 65 times backward from the day of our independence. Each year these sick politicians are taking us backward. Are we some dogs of Sonia Gandhi or some other politician for that matter, then why are we depositing our hard earned money to their pockets?? If I start to think about issues in India then there are endless problems that stick in my mind. I am thinking from a middle class person’s perspective…forget about Poor people…..I am not even sure now if they are considered as people in India or just a key to fool and get votes. I can’t even imagine the situation and issues of a poor person in India so let’s not even talk about that subject for now. Now a day I am not sure if the vegetables, milk, other food products that I am consuming are good for my health or not (thanks to our food ministry / department for that). Every day news channels will do some shocking revelations about people selling bad products to earn some money. I wonder if they could have sold genuine product with little more money, that can also work for me then at least if I don’t have money in my pocket I won’t buy them. So, even a sabji wala, milk wala is very smart and knows how to cheat ‘We the foolish people’ to earn money. If something happens to someone by eating these harmful products and needs to go to visit doctor then the doctor will get a chance to start cheating and looting that person and get some money from his pockets. And please don’t even think about complaining about these these issues to police….we all know how police and government bodies operate in India. Probably they are the biggest cheaters today but I really don’t feel that it’s their fault. The kind of salaries they get even if I would have been in their place I would also be doing the same thing. How many times this issue has been shown to us in movies, TV and other media but does anyone in government bother to do something about it. All the government bodies from a small office till army and courts are involved in the corruptions, so whom you can go and complaint about. Even after doing a big scandal the politicians would get a bail and would get freedom to do the next one.

Are we as citizens of India unable to see these things?? Rather in fact we are overlooking these issues. We are a self centered, selfish people who care only about something which affect us directly. We wouldn’t care if something happens to our relative, friends or neighbor we would forget things in sometime and carry on with our life. I guess we are the most forward/modern people in the world who can take everything practically. I always used to hear that youth is the future of the nation on whose shoulders the nation can stand. But is it true these days, I wonder?? Today’s youth is busy in studying, studying, studying…..searching a right job and right girl, partying and enjoying life. They have been taught by their parents and culture to live in this way. They have been told that don’t care about others, think about your own future. We all have changed ourselves slowly in a way to tolerate everything with time. Yeah time is a good medicine and that’s what we are relying on these days. But who’s is thinking about the country’s future……forget it!!! These days who talks about these patriotic things…..even if we don’t talk about it for now and limit this conversation to ourselves….. Then do we think that we are not affected by the unlimited issues around us or we should simply wait for that day to act when these issues will struck us. People are not safe in this country starting from sabji wala, police, and traffic till terrorists. I wonder sometimes does our nation even needs a terrorist attack now, does anyone gets affected from that except the families of the people who lose their lives. By now our enemies would have also understood this, that we are unaffected by such terrorist activities. In a country where every human being is each other’s enemy what’s the need of doing that. Do we feel any value for human life in India……do we actually take any care or precautions to improve this?? <more>

Today we can’t trust anyone from doctor, police, government till president of India, except our parents and spouse (if you are lucky). What kind of India are we going to show to our children, they wouldn’t believe the things written in mythological or history books which talks about glorious India? They would feel that their parents and teachers are lying and all this can’t be true for sure. This is the environment and culture we are gifting them.

I am a middle class girl having all the luxuries and living a satisfied, happy and peaceful married life and I can also ignore these issues like others and wait for the day when it will impact me. However I am unable to do so and feel sometimes that what I should do to not feel guilty for bearing these things. I am tired of keeping mum and remain quite on everything from petrol price hike to corruption. Is there only one option remaining for me to go and get settled in some foreign country? This also looks like a difficult option now looking at changed Visa rules of various countries. Or is there still a chance of some change in this India? And we can still have a better tomorrow. I can definitely change myself and the nation if people decide to come forward and not avoid, ignore issues rather resolve them. Alone I can’t do anything unless and until every Indian is with me.

I am waiting for the day when we would become real human beings who will care about the society and will not cheat other people just to earn some money and play with their lives for own benefit because I heard that “The humans are social animals”. So this social word is missing these days and we are moving towards becoming animal.

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