Pranab Mukherjee steps down as Finance Minister, Manmohan Singh takes over – will things improve?

The Indian Government has a couple of standard responses when faced with any criticism regarding a slow-down or policy paralysis; with the same response being repeated when faced with downgrade threats from international credit rating agencies. These responses are either: “There is no policy paralysis”, “We are slightly down because of Greece, but be thankful […]

The tussle between Kapil Sibal and the IIT’s over the new proposed admission process

This post is not about the merits of the proposal that was mooted by the Human Resources Development ministry for the admission process into the IIT’s, the proposal talking about having a quota for the marks attained in the boards (and which will have a single test for all these top institutes such as IIT’s, […]

The upcoming tussle between the BJP and Nitish Kumar over Narendra Modi

There has always been signs of friction between Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi. Both of them campaign on the development front, but while Nitish Kumar looks for support for a wider section of society, including the muslim vote, Modi campaigns on a harder front, looking for more overt Hindu support while being much more focused […]