Action against Jagan – what was the logic behind the Congress move

For quite some time now, Jagan has been a huge thorn in the flesh of the Congress in the state of Andhra Pradesh, a state that shifted over to the Congress in the last Lok Sabha elections and the state assembly. Given the tenuous position of the Congress in the Lok Sabha and its performance over the various state elections that have happened, it can ill-afford to lose the state of Andhra Pradesh. However, this is what seems to be happening, with the twin hammer blows of the Telangana campaign and the push by Jagan Reddy pushing the Congress on the backfoot all over the state.
The dissidence by Jagan is the more deadly for the Congress, since his recent performance in the state elections, outside the region of Telangana leading to byelections going against the Congress. There are a number of state assembly bye-elections that are going to happen on the 12th of June, and it was supposed that the Congress was finding it difficult to find candidates for the bye-polls, because of the certainty that they will lose to a resurgent Jagan.

Jagan has everything going for him, both because he is seen to be the inheritor of the legacy of his father YSR (who did a number of welfare schemes for the citizens of the state as well as for the welfare of his son), and also because he was the unquestioned leader of the Congress in Andhra Pradesh (which can be seen now, since there is no clear leader of the party in the state now). He is seen as a winner, and has the financial resources to attract people to his side.
So, the Congress tried a number of means to discredit him, to get him to their side, or to field youthful chief ministers and so on. Nothing seems to work. Now, it would seem that the Congress is determined to wield the powerful stick against him, using the Congress Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to scare him, or to put him behind bars. This will act as an impediment to more members of the Congress trying to join him, such is the thought of the Congress. After all, if you can tar a person with the blackmark of corruption, maybe you can cut his influence and his leadership and try and revive your own party. So, the Congress will be reconciled to a wave of sympathy for him, which will most likely lead to a clear win in the forthcoming bye-elections, but by harassing him, the Congress hopes to win the battle in the end even by losing in the near future.
However, this is a strategy fraught with problems. The current leadership of the Congress in the state is composed of those leaders who were also with YSR, and they are also complicit with the corruption efforts of YSR and Jagan Reddy, and the anti-corruption effort could take down many Congress leaders as well, giving an advantage to the TDP. In addition, the CBI is also taking the name of YSR, who was the tallest leader of the Congress in the state, which will cause problems as well. And Jagan is not one to go down alone, his wave of corruption would have included many secrets of the party, which could go right to the center leadership, and cause a ripple effect there as well.
One is supportive of anti-corruption efforts, but this usage of the CBI as a political weapon needs to be condemned, with allies getting no investigation and others being put being bars.

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