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The recent uproar in the India Parliament over ambedkar’s 60 year old cartoon lead to the resignation of 2 senior NCERT advisers. It was ridiculous to see our MP’s cutting across party lines to demand its withdrawal (that of the cartoon, and other cartoons that were lampooning politicians). It was funny to see how all of them, some of whom I believe might even had not seen that cartoon jumped to the conclusion that it was insulting. How ? I ask them. Did not our constitution not take three long years to make. They come out in the media and speak about their hurt sentiments as if a soldier is returning from the battlefield, how a sixty year old cartoon coming out of children’s textbook hurt their sentiments so much that they started demanding the HRD minister’s resigntion … I think this is very alarming as it shows how our polticians are ready to take completly absurd decisions only for pleasing a vote bank and to merely appear as their well wisher. Its not that Dr. Ambedkar should not be considered as a messiah of the sc/obc/st sections of our society, its just that when leaders start encouraging such hero worship it poses a deadly threat to the existence of democracy.

“bhakti in religion may be a road to salvation of a soul, but in politics, bhakti or hero worship is sure a road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship” – these are words of the same man whose cartoon we are takling about.


  • I don’t think politicians really care for how people think about them. Otherwise, they would not be clamoring for more status symbols such as red beacons.

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