Trying to spin up some froth – putting in the name of PA Sangma as the Presidential candidate

Politics is a very strange game. Just a couple of months back, there was a lot of debate over the political weakness of the UPA Government, and how the Congress is being tormented by its allies. It was unable to pass any major reform due to opposition from some of its allies, and the biggest problem was likely to be that of getting its candidate elected for the President of India. This was compounded by the meetings (usually of some law which the center needed to pass) where the state Chief Ministers used to be present, and most of them would be opposing some law or the other, presenting a united front that seems to portray that power is passing to the states. Now, some of that still remains true, and the allies of the Congress still needle the Congress over issues and over the various laws that the Congress wants to pass. The major reform bills that the Congress would want to pass to portray that there is no paralysis are all in limbo, unable to get clearance from allies, and the Congress does not seem to have the political will or strength to get the allies in line.
However, one major exception to this is the election for President. The Congress sees this as a major point in the political arena and has done all the negotiation with its allies to get the support. The Congress does not have the necessary strength to get the President elected on the basis of their own strength, and needed the support of its allies. And it looks like enough negotiation has gone on to get the required support, with the selection of candidates who are not likely to cause offense to anyone and make it easier to get support from allies and others. And of course, except for Mamta Banerjee, everybody of the others have given the Congress enough ammunition to get pressure piled on them, with the CBI having cases against every leader of the political spectrum (mostly on the basis of disproportionate assets or some kind of scams).

The BJP on the other hand is proving to be a most useful opposition to the Congress, not proving any kind of major presence, and even for a case where it could have reached out to a number of parties, they managed to turn off their own allies. The JD(U) was seemingly hurt by a unilateral statement from Sushma Swaraj, and made their own independent statement.
Now, it looks like the BJD and Jayalalitha are trying to push some more drama in this race. For such an election, there is a need to play to all sentiments, and what better one that to push for a tribal leader, and not somebody unknown, but somebody well known, who was also the Lok Sabha speaker and seemingly did a decent job (of course at a time when Parliament was more stable). Now, together the BJD and AIADMK do not have much votes in the race, but they must be hoping for this movement to find some legs on its own, helped by the push for a tribal leader, and who is also from the North-East. The BJP must be hoping that the race will get more turbulent, which will shake the allies of the Congress.

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