Andhra High Court strikes down the Congress effort for reachout to the Muslim community – the quota politics

For the Congress party, reaching out to the Muslim community is a very powerful imperative. The Muslim community forms a strong voting bloc in many regions of the country, and there are a number of contenders for the vote-bloc of the Muslim community (although there have been many postulations that, apart from not voting for […]

Action against Jagan – what was the logic behind the Congress move

For quite some time now, Jagan has been a huge thorn in the flesh of the Congress in the state of Andhra Pradesh, a state that shifted over to the Congress in the last Lok Sabha elections and the state assembly. Given the tenuous position of the Congress in the Lok Sabha and its performance […]

Crisis in the Kerala CPM – fight between old rivals picks up over a murder

The Kerala CPM party has been in the throes of an ugly rivalry for some time now, and it is a very unique rivalry. On one side is the vote getter and very popular leader of the party, Achuthanandan, who is now in his late 80’s. He is the the known face of the party […]