The net closes around Jagan Reddy, but will it take the Andhra Congress down with it ?

Ever since the death of YSR, Jaganmohan Reddy has been a thorn in the Congress’s flesh (and that of the High Command). With the death of YSR (who was given complete control over the state Congress apparatus), his son (who became very rich during YSR’s rule) staked his claim to the Chief Ministership of Andhra Pradesh. However, Sonia Gandhi refused to give him this position, telling him that he will have to wait. It was probable that she was advised not to let another dynasty form within the Congress that would be in command of one of the most important states in terms of Congress MP’s, and that it would better to have another Chief Minister, who would be more subservient to the interests of the High Command and pliable. Well, to cut a long story short, Jagan Reddy finally left the Congress and setup his own party that was in direct opposition to the Congress, and also commanded the respect of several Congress MP’s and MLA’s.
Recent elections have convinced the Congress that they are in trouble in the state, with elections in the Telangana region defeating the Congress (since the Congress is now perceived as being anti-Telangana, especially after all the flip-flops done by the Congress leadership); and elections outside Telangana showing an increasing trend towards more power to Jagan Reddy. In addition, Jagan Reddy has huge money power (including links with the mining industry) and that is a strong force that attracts people towards you.

But, one of the weakest points that Jagan Reddy has is a huge amount of accumulated wealth, and allegedly most of it was not accumulated by honest means; as a result, anybody who does a honest investigation will find a lot of stuff that can lead to criminal charges against him. And that is the route that the Congress is taking, using the CBI to do some detailed investigation of his rise to riches, and they will find information against him that can be used.
However, these activities took place when YSR was the Chief Minister, and he was the acclaimed Congress Chief Minister of a critical state, and any wrong-doing that the CBI finds will incriminate YSR, and give the opposition a potent weapon against the Congress in the next elections. In addition, a number of ministers in YSR’s cabinet are also current Congress leaders and will be incriminated, causing huge harm to the Congress. The only hope for the Congress is that Jagan gets scared of all these investigations and sues for peace.

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