Getting to a coherent policy on Telangana – Congress in a bind

For a quick update on why the Congress is worried about the current Telangana issue, there are 2 quick points that would help readers understand why the current agitation of Telangana is so disturbing for the party and yet it is unable to do anything about it. – Andhra Pradesh is strategically very important for […]

The row about the Tatra trucks gets more and more weird ..

For some time now, it has seemed that all of you have to do is to make an allegation about anything, and when there is an investigation, there does seem to be something wrong. Call this endemic of the amount of corruption that is present in Government, and which nobody tries to take any steps […]

Growth rate in the Indian economy, and whether the Government has given up on reform ..

For some time now, the Government has been facing trouble in trying to take policy decisions in the area of reform. For a quick history lesson, consider this: In the time period between 2004 and 2009, in the time when UPA-1 was in power, the Congress was in a minority, and depended on a number […]