The coal scam – one round of outrage, the next when the CAG report comes ..

A few days back, there was a leakage of a report that was supposed to be a draft CAG report on the coal sector. If people were surprised at the number of zeroes outlined in the 2G scam, the coal scam as outlined in the draft CAG report was many times larger, figures that are […]

The Army chief causes huge tension to the Government, but what about the real issues ?

Ever since reports came out that the Army chief would challenge the Government with regard to his date of birth row, there was some amount of consternation in the Government and the Congress party. Even though the courts finally advised the chief to let go of his claim (they did not say that he was […]

A quick rollback of the Railway Budget – new minister Mukul Roy will toe Mamta’s line

This has been a very surprising and strange week in Indian politics. In today’s world, with coalition politics, you can see the pressure that the Prime Minister faces, and the PM has mentioned this a number of times already – with statements to the effect that the pressure of coalition politics puts pressure against taking […]