Indian diplomatic challenge – Iran vs. the US, and the pressure on the Government

The Indian Government would have wanted to roll back the dice of time a few years back on many fronts; there was no global recession, growth rate was fine, and there was only the nightmare of Pakistan to deal with. By now, even Manmohan Singh has stopped talking about a romantic relationship with Pakistan, with […]

BJP – It competes with the Congress in lowering its public opinion

The BJP seeks to portray itself as a credible alternative to the Congress in large chunks of the country (but cannot really match the Congress in the breadth of coverage all over the country where it is politically relevant). For that purpose, the BJP seeks to show itself as a non-dynastic and non-corrupt party, a […]

Ensuring that lack of sanction does not stop corruption cases against Government officials – Judgement by the Supreme Court

The Government has a number of laws against corruption on the books; if implemented in a proper way, they should be enough to ensure that corruption levels go down. However, when the investigating arms of the Government (such as the CBI, ED, etc) are forced by the Government to behave in a certain way, then […]