More discussion about the Batla House encounter – the Trinamool Congress raises the question again ..

Ever since the time for elections come up, one can be sure that the Batla House encounter will come up. And you can be sure that Digvijay Singh will be somewhere in the frame, since he is apparently the appointed politician in the Congress who will raise the issues that are supposed to appeal to Muslims – not the issues that related to development and how to increase the economic condition of the community (since even when he was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, he was never accused of being good on the development angle front), but more about the emotional issues, about showcasing how other parties don’t care for the Muslims, and only the Congress can appeal to the Muslims. So when it comes to issues such as the apparent injustice to Osama Bin Ladenji (his statement) or the Batla House encounter, it is Digvijay Singh who is in the front.
Now, there is a genuine sense of hurt in the community. At the time that the Batla House encounter had taken place, there had been blasts which were created by a group named as Indian Mujahideen, and the Batla House encounter was treated as a breakthrough, which killed some of the members of the group, and also led to the death of a celebrated police official. During this time as well, the police took some short-cuts, arresting some members of the Muslim community (and the media started treating the Uttar Pradesh locality of Azamgarh as a terrorist creating place); both of these actions were not justified. Many of those arrested were not involved, and were released after the courts intervened and the police had no evidence to justify the continued arrest of these.

Even after this incident, neither the Uttar Pradesh Government nor the Central Government refused to do anything substantial about the community, or even take steps to ensure that the community moved on from the incident. And of course, the incident has been treated as something that can be milked again and again, by whichever party seeks to get the vote of the Muslim community. So, even recently, when Rajiv Gandhi was confronted by students when he went to Azamgarh, it was a note for Digvijay Singh to raise the issue again. He promptly went ahead and claimed that the encounter was false, claiming in the same breath that the Government run by his own party believed that the encounter was genuine and hence there would be no further investigation or enquiry.
This is ridiculous; the Government is run by the same party of which Digvijay Singh is a General Secretary (and supposed to be very close to Rahul Gandhi as well). The Congress should stop playing this double game. Either they should accept that some people have questions about whether the encounter was genuine and have another inquiry that would address those concerns, or stop raising it whenever they feel that it will help them get some votes from the Muslim community. Digvijay Singh is also not a loose cannon, in the sense that whatever he does, if not sanctioned by the Party High Command, would have got him expelled from the party a long time back. The problem is, for people to whom the BJP is more of a communal party, the Congress comes in as a worse version of the same communal speak, pandering to whatever they think will get them votes.

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