The Lokpal Bill in Parliament – passes the Lok Sabha, fails in the Rajya Sabha

All through the progress of the Lokpal debate that happened this year, there was a strong feeling – can such a law ever come to pass ? Can a law which has been pushed for 43 years now actually come into force, even if it was not as strong as one would have wished ? […]

More trouble for Mamta – hooch tragedy claims more than 150 dead; problems in governance that need to be tackled

Mamta Banerjee came to politics on the crest of a wave for change; this was a wave that totally removed the Left Front from power and brought her to victory with a large margin. With this change, the people of West Bengal put all their faith in the power of Mamta Banerjee to bring a […]

The hospital fire in Kolkata and next steps – any lasting effects ?

True learning from a disaster means that steps are taken to ensure that the reasons for the disaster are learnt, and the possibility of future disasters similar to the existing one are drastically reduced. Somehow, the confidence that we will learn a lot from the disaster does not really seem apparent. The recipe for deaths […]