Sonia starts attacking Anna’s team over their own corruption, what a comparison ..

The Congress has never really accepted the attack made upon it by Anna Hazare, and from time to time, the Congress displays this unease and frustration with how easily it is being identified with corruption. However, till now it was primarily the one and only Digvijay Singh who was appointed as the main Congress attacker, who had a mission to try and send out so many twitter updates that some of the mud would stick to Anna Hazare, and the threat that Anna and his campaign poses to the Congress is diminished (the threat will never really go away, since the various scandals that the Congress and the UPA Government has been attacked over is fairly large, and continues to increase). The Congress must be shuddering over any new attacks that would further reduce its credibility.
But so far, it was now the highest leaders of the Congress who had stayed away from a direct attack; so Manmohan Singh would express frustration but never directly attack Anna; same with Rahul Gandhi who also did not really go in for a real attack on Anna Hazare. However, in a speech delivered in absentia as part of an election campaign in Uttarakhand, the Congress leader, Sonia Gandhi, made a direct attack on Anna Hazare. Her points of attack could be called silly; after all she is the leader of a party that has seen the biggest scams that the country has ever seen; she also seems to be making a point that since there are questions raised about members of Anna’s team, they should not raise any issues of corruption. This is plain silly. We are not in utopia where everybody is perfect. What Anna’s team members say is to bring a strong law, and if it turns out that Anna’s team members are guilty, get them investigated and prosecuted. Read some more of what Sonia stated, seems to be more of a point of frustration (link to article):

“Corruption cannot be fought by thinking that corruption by us and our people is a pious act while that of others is corruption. This is what is happening these days,” she said.
In a first of sorts, the Congress chief called herself the initiator of anti-graft focus while directly questioning Anna’s authorship on Lokpal and corruption.
“When PM has said, our party has repeatedly said, that it favours a strong Lokpal bill, and it would be brought in Parliament, then I ask what is the reason for creating so much drama?”

She really must be thinking that public memory is incredibly short. How can the Congress ever claim to be a vocal supporter of a strong Lokpal Bill, when all its actions have been to the contrary. The team constituted by the Congress came up with a draft bill that was so weak, that even the supporters of the Congress in the National Advisory Committee (NAC) denounced the Bill. And to claim that the Congress was the initiator of anti-graft measures is to basically think that the citizens of the country are idiots, that they can forget everything that has happened.
The only problem currently in the country is that no party can claim to be above corruption, but one should hope that the promulgation of a strong Jan Lokpal Bill in Uttarakhand can atleast set a good example. For example, the performance of the BJP in Karnataka has shown that it can be equally corrupt.

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