Mayawati’s gambit – division of Uttar Pradesh into 4 parts ..

Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest states in India, with the state having a huge population (it can be counted as the fifth or sixth largest countries in the world in terms of population). With this size, Uttar Pradesh has always had problems in terms of development, being ritually included in the list of […]

The cash for votes scam – High court knocks aside basis of police complaint

Ever since a few BJP MP’s stood up in Parliament and displayed currency notes, claiming that they were being tried to be bribed for their vote, things have gone topsy turvy. The Delhi police ignored the case, putting it in deep freeze for a number of years (I would think that this was logical from […]

Sonia starts attacking Anna’s team over their own corruption, what a comparison ..

The Congress has never really accepted the attack made upon it by Anna Hazare, and from time to time, the Congress displays this unease and frustration with how easily it is being identified with corruption. However, till now it was primarily the one and only Digvijay Singh who was appointed as the main Congress attacker, […]