2G scam continues to haunt the Government – SC asks why PM did not follow through

The 2G scam continues to haunt the Congress party. For quite some time, the Congress evaded that there was any issue with the 2G scam issue, claimed that this was a policy decision (with the honorable purpose of reducing the telecom rates), that the CAG was off its rocker, that the Supreme Court had no locus standi. Next, the Congress tried to separate itself from the scope of the scam by claiming that all this was the work of a rogue minister, A Raja; the PM was helpless since he had to depend on the minister, was bound by the challenges of coalitions politics, and besides the poor PM was a single man, how could he monitor everything that was happening (thankfully, the PM did not repeat this particular line, else the charge of being a useless and non-caring PM would have stuck to his plate).
For quite some time, the Congress believed that this will work, that eventually the case will lost its media attention, and the CBI will be persuaded to back off or make the case much weaker (which is what the CBI is already being accused of). However, when other people smell blood, then it is difficult to stop them. So, the media is forever on the case, and Subramaniam Swamy is dedicated to targeting some of the senior members of the Congress in the 2G scam rather than be satisfied with the scalp of A Raja.

And then the next major disaster for the Congress. The battle between the 2 senior minister for becoming the replacement to Manmohan Singh caused the release of a memo that eventually highlights how the senior bureaucracy of the Government (comprising of the PMO, and the finance ministry) acknowledged that the then finance minister, Chidambaram, did not exercise his duty of preventing the allocation of spectrum at low rates, and was responsible for the mess that followed. This was a monumental mess by the Government, since if Chidambaram could be stuck by this arrow, then what stops the Prime Minister, the very capable statue in the form of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, from being questioned on the same argument.
After all, the documentary evidence indicates that the Prime Minister did ask questions of Raja, but then stopped and did not pursue (which is what Chidambaram is also accused of doing). Now, the Supreme Court is asking the same question, and it is very embarrassing for the Congress to see its Prime Minister being asked such pointed questions about a scam of monumental proportions (link to article):

The Supreme Court on Thursday sought to know why no action was taken on a letter written by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on November 3, 2007, to then telecom minister A Raja, on award of airwaves and felt that the severity of the case in question otherwise could have been different.
Hearing the bail pleas of two corporate executives accused in the second generation (2G) spectrum case, Justice G.S. Singhvi and Justice HL Dattu also observed that the gravity of the alleged crime could have been different if action had been taken on the letter.
The SC suggested that if action had been taken on the PM’s letter, the 2G scam could perhaps have been prevented. The letter written Nov 3, 2007 had raised several questions on the manner in which Raja was proposing to allocate the precious airwaves to telecom players and had also conveyed the industry’s apprehensions in this regard. The letter favoured auction of airwaves.

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