The internal strife within the BJP, something they can ill-afford

The BJP has been struggling every since they lost the 2004 general election. At the time of the election in 1999 (and earlier), Atal Behari Vajpayee was the undisputed leader of the BJP parliamentary party with LK Advani as the next in command. But Vajpayee did not brook any challenge to this authority, and even […]

Recent Market Movements : what it means

There has been and continues to be a shaky share market all over the world for the past three months. There has been high volatility and there is a sense of what can be simply referred to lack of confidence among the global business community. The market basically reflects reality most of the time, if […]

The bomb blast in Delhi, and the rage in people about it ..

Slowly it seems that people in India are becoming insensitive to the problems posed by terrorism. This is a rather unfortunate statement to make, given the shock repeatedly administered to various cities through terrorist activities. As a manifestation of this, consider the recent bomb blasts in Mumbai, followed by the one in Delhi. All of […]