The mess in the BJP over Karnataka – the resignation of BS Yeddyurappa finally happens

The UPA – II Government is in a mess right now, with the Government facing a large number of accusations of corruption in scams such as the 2G scam, the scam about forced sale of Aircel which involved the resignation of Maran, the Adarsh housing scam, the scam involving the money spent on the CommonWealth games. In this, you would expect that the Government would be vulnerable to pressure and be forever on the defensive. However, things have not really turned out like that. The BJP, as the primary opposition party, was not able to take advantage of this pressure on the ruling party. It has its own problems, which have caused a reciprocal pressure on the BJP whenever it raises the charge of corruption at the Congress.
The situation in Karnataka has caused huge damage to the BJP. Its local strongman and the undisputed leader of the local BJP, Yeddyurappa, led the BJP to a win in the polls and gave the BJP its first election victory in the south. The BJP is not doing so well in the other states in the south, with some previous support in other states dropping off, and being far from being able to make a mark in any of the local elections. It badly needs to keep the Government in Karnataka, and more important, show that the Government is a good example of how the BJP can make a Government in the south work.

However, the effect is entirely different. The BJP ruled state in Karnataka now has a reputation for corruption, fostered due to constant pressure on Yeddyurappa, primarily by the former Lokayukta of the state, and supported by the media (and the opposition Congress and the JD(S)). In previous cases, especially the one about land allocation to the sons and other family members of Yeddyurappa, he managed to somehow continue being the Chief Minister (saved by the fact that he was still the tallest leader of the state BJP and knew how to use his weight to the maximum degree). Further, to a large extent, the power of the central wing of the BJP had to surrender before the might of the chieftains, in this case Yeddyurappa. The BJP had to take a huge amount of hit in that case as well.
Even in the current case, the central leadership of the BJP had a tough time in getting rid of Yeddyurappa. The report of the Lokayukta on the mining issue caused such a tremor that the BJP realized that letting Yeddyurappa remain would make their anti-corruption campaign totally ineffective, but Yeddyurappa had no intention of going. He made the whole issue of his going as a spectacle that totally shocked the BJP and gave everybody a great time – with the media going on about how he humiliated the central BJP observers, refused to go except on his own terms, and so on. Now, finally he is gone, but not out. The Lokayukta still has to try the BJP leader and the Reddy brothers for the mining scam, and that is going to cause the BJP further problems.

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