Conflict between Government side and Anna Hazare increases – what next ?

The tension between the Government side and the Anna Hazare movement is getting pretty tense now. Anna Hazare is now on his 9th day of his fast, and he does not look like breaking it soon. For the past 36 hours, it seemed like the Government was under pressure to back down quickly; they were […]

The movement gathers speed, but will it sustain itself. The future of the anti-corruption movement ?

There are numerous problems that are present in our society – the poor position of Muslims, the tragic position of women in many communities, the problems of the dispossessed and their weaknesses, the problems of dowry, the problems of the still existing caste system, etc. There are a lot of people working to improve these […]

The Anna protest causing the Congress to respond with confusion. What next ?

I am right now watching TV, and there is this huge demonstration ongoing at India Gate, with people gathered there in large numbers. These are people demonstrating in favor of Anna Hazare, but in actuality, they are protesting against corruption that is widespread right now. It is not the huge amounts of corruption that is […]