Prime Minister Manmohan Singh comes before the press – I am not at fault, and everybody is out to get me!

The present Congress Government is almost in a majority, and has come in with a larger number of MP’s in the last election in 2009. As a result, the Government considers that all questions regarding their image and corruption problems have been answered by the people, and as a result, nobody has the legitimacy to question the Government. After all, the Congress now has the vote of the people; an analysis would show that actually, out of the total population, the Congress would have got only 25% of the vote (and of course, the BJP got much lesser).
In the last 1 year and so, the Government has been battered by corruption scandals, high inflation, and an image deficit. The scams related to the CWG, 2G, Adarsh Housing, and so on have fried the belief of the middle class in the integrity of the Government, and the media has gone along for the ride (after all, who would not like to have some controversy, especially involving the Government of the day). The courts have also been harsh on the Government, and even arms of the Government such as the CAG have also battered the policies of the Government, cost overruns, and so on. The Government has also been battered by worries about policy gridlock, a stoppage in any sort of reform measures, and the stoppage of new investment measures by the industry, which has lead to a slowdown in the economy.

The credibility of the Prime Minister has been significantly lowered, and he himself has admitted that his Government is seen as one of the most corrupt Governments in Indian history. He has attempted to fight back, but some of the statements he has made really do not dispel some of these worries and image:
– He has tried to dispel the notion that the scams related to 2G or CWG are his responsibility by claiming that they were done by other ministers, and that he was not expected to investigate everything on his own. Fine. So tomorrow another minister can sell off the railways or something similar, and the PM will say that he cannot be everywhere. This is a very strange statement. How can the Prime Minister disclaim responsibility for something that happened within his Government, and which led to huge losses. As to the statement that the media was reporting this on a regular basis, the PM said that the media reports a number of things on a regular basis and he is not expected to respond to everything; well fine. He cannot find out what a minister does, he will not see media reporting such irregularities, his ministers defend such problems as being nothing (Kapil Sibal claiming that there was zero loss); no wonder that his Government is the most corrupt ever.
– When it came for the time to implement something that he believes in, he was willing to stake everything in; remember the nuclear deal where he was willing to drop support from the left parties. However, he believes that the PM should be under the Lokpal, but since his cabinet ministers don’t want the PM under the Lokpal, he has to listen to his ministers. Now, the ministers would not want the Lokpal, since it is believed that they don’t want the future PM candidate, Rahul Gandhi, to be under the threat of the Lokpal. But is quite clear that the PM does not really believe in the need for a strong and effective Lokpal, that can investigate all levels of Government machinery (the municipal officials and policemen whom suck the blood of the citizenry, as well the ministers who steal the money of the Government).
– The PM does not want the media to be the accuser and the judge; well, what can they do when it so obvious that the corruption indulged in by the top level of politicians is so obvious and the Government drags its feet at doing anything (even in the 2G scam, the Government allowed the CBI to take action when it seemed that the Supreme Court would do something drastic). Even now, it is the court that is directing the progress of investigation, rather than the Government to whom the CBI reports into.
– On inflation, initial statements were that the Government would bring it down; now it is more that the Government can’t really do anything; after all, the Government does not have a magic wand to solve matters. When the Government allows huge amounts to fritter away through the 2G scam, the CWG, through the leakages in the various central schemes, then it has to keep on trying to raise more money (and which is why it has to raise fuel prices).
I would consider the various statements by the PM to be an indication of his weakness rather than an attempt to make the country believe that the Government has been sinned against.

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  • Harsha

    Nice post! First things first…Why is Rahul Gandhi always referred to as the future PM candidate??? Let the congress party think so, because they are spineless, thoughtless sycophants who have assumed that the country’s top post is the Nehru-Gandhi family’s birthright…but the people of this country have every right and should oppose dynastic politics. The congress party being the country’s oldest democratic party should be more responsible when talking about the Prime Minister’s post. They are talking about the institution that represents the entire country, and the person who will carry the hopes, maintain the dignity and have the potential to realize the dreams of 100+ crore people. He represents the country to the rest of the world. People off late have been throwing names around and have been insulting the PMO for all things wrong. Insulting people by accusing them of wrongdoing is acceptable, but not institutionalized insults. The same people accusing and humiliating the PMO, could occupy the same chair tomorrow, and if these insults were to be hurled at them??? would they simply listen…..I am not defending Mr.Manmohan Singh, but I am only appealing for our political leaders and the general public to be more cautious when hurling insults at institutions of such high dignity as the Prime Minister’s Office.
    Secondly, the entire lokpal bill fiasco was just another hogwash according to me. Did Anna Hazare and his band of “Civil Society” brothers really think that they stood a chance with the government?? What the civil society members are asking of the government can be equated to asking thieves to declare their next target so people know where they will steal from…..isn’t that a little naive?? Again after all things said and done, everything mentioned above is my opinion (and I am fully entitled to my opinion).

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