Maharashtra Government trying to avoid exposure of the interference of politicians in police business

It is fairly common knowledge that politicians consider the police station and the police service as an extension of their power. And actually, if the police force were to become independent of the local political influences, it would reduce the amount of criminal power and ensure a much higher state of law and order. But then, this is a wish that has a long way to come to reality.
Consider the following case:
A criminal investigation is on against some of the antics of the local MLA. A person, a former Chief Minister and an important central minister (who is expected to know all the rules regarding interfering in the actions of the police force) tells his PA to call the local police station and ask them to go light on the case (and one will expect that the case will die its own natural death after this). The local police force, like other matters relevant to the case, file this telephone conversation in the police station diary. This information makes it out of the police station, and to the High Court which proceeds to slam the action of the politician and the state, and levies a huge fine on the state. The state, being arrogant and wanting to get the name of the politician cleared, goes to the Supreme Court, which also proceeds to slam the state and increases the fine, and also passes some choice remarks against the politician.
However, the state pays the fine, nothing happens to the politician (in fact, soon after, he is made a Cabinet minister – in effect, a promotion). What follows is incredible. In order to avoid such a situation, the state Government issues a circular which states that the police stations should not file the calls from politicians in the police station diary. They do not rule out politicians making the calls, but want such embarrassing proofs not to be recorded. However, this circular is challenged in the court, which make some comments against the action of the Government, and waits for taking a decision.
And, almost everybody ignores this action. No local or central politician criticizes the action of the politician or of the circular; after all, at some time or the other, all politicians would have been in similar situations. One needs a Lokpal to have the courage and independence to investigate such actions and decide to prosecute them. In a similar case in Delhi, the Lokayukta recommended that the state minister be dropped, and finally the President (one really does not expect too much from the heavily Congress President) decides against the recommendation and the minister goes away scot-free. In more rule based societies, such interference would have lead to the concerned minister having to resign from their post, instead instead of being given another chance to make such interventions. (link to article):

“Consider rethink on ‘odd’ circular”- that’s the message to the state government from the Bombay High Court.
Last November, the state government issued a circular to all police stations in the state not to note down calls made by politicians or their aides to police stations. Not only was this a clear infringement on police jurisdiction, but given that it came just after the state government had been bitterly humiliated in the Supreme Court, it was clearly a motivated move by politicians who were keen to save their skin.

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