What will the DMK do now ? – It’s ministers are under trouble and clan daughter is in jail

The DMK is in a huge amount of trouble. Everything was dependent on the DMK (in alliance with the Congress) winning the elections in Tamil Nadu; after all, the DMK has investigations against several of their leaders. Just 2 years back, the DMK was in a very good position, Jayalalitha was still sulking after her previous assembly election loss, the party had ministers in the center in good portfolios, was considered a good and stable part of the ruling coalition. The elections sops by the party in the previous election had caused it to believe that a grateful electorate would bring them in power again.
And suddenly, the 2G scam burst in the shape of a huge bomb that blew everything away. Well, slightly incorrect, the 2G scam did not come suddenly, it was being reported and the Government was denying that there was anything out of the ordinary – the normal behavior of the Government when faced with a difficult position. However, the momentum kept on increasing, and the media kept on piling pressure (corruption in the Government can make media people salivate like anything and keeps the public hooked). Then, the twin bursts of the pressure by the Court system and a huge adverse report by the CAG made the Government literally run for cover, and the CBI investigation suddenly seemed independent rather than being guided by the political influences of the Government.
The dominos started falling, first A Raja was arrested (after some severe strictures by the Supreme court on the Government and the investigating agencies), and then it seemed that the DMK was in for a huge shock. Kanimozhi, the daughter of the DMK leader, and a member of the ruling family, seemed to be in danger of getting arrested. The DMK chief fumed at the Congress, asking that she be prevented from being arrested, but it was not to be. The DMK had already lost the state election (the public apparently did not like being taken for granted to this degree, and booted the DMK out of power, and just for kicks, the party also lost in Pondicherry). And soon after the arrest happened, a shock for Karunanidhi, if there is.

And it just does not end there, the party now faces the pressure of another minister, Dayanidhi Maran, being under investigation because of his tactics when he was the telecom minister. He is accused of forcing the owner of a company to sell out the company, by not giving licenses to the company until it was sold, and in a kicback, the owner of the buying company, putting in a huge amount of money into his brother’s media company. In any other country, this action would have been a serious violation of ethics and would have caused the resignation; here the Government seems to be debating whether a crime could be shown, and only then will a resignation be sought.
The DMK wanted to decide on whether to withdraw power to the central Government, since the Congress does not seem to be able to provide it any support (or does not want to provide support); but it soon realized that if it loses its stake in the central Government, it gives an opening for Jayalalitha to come in. It will also lose any power that it may have; the fate of entities such as Mulayam Singh Yadav and Laloo Prasad Yadav will stare the DMK in the face if it does withdraw power. So, finally the DMK did the only thing it could, it decided against withdrawing support and criticized the CBI (the DMK had to do something, so it criticized the CBI).

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