Prime Minister Manmohan Singh comes before the press – I am not at fault, and everybody is out to get me!

The present Congress Government is almost in a majority, and has come in with a larger number of MP’s in the last election in 2009. As a result, the Government considers that all questions regarding their image and corruption problems have been answered by the people, and as a result, nobody has the legitimacy to […]

The declining sex ratio of Indian cities, even the capital city of Delhi

The problem of an adverse sex ratio is a ticking time bomb that has already been exploding in some parts of India. It is a social problem that has been present now for decades, and the Government claims that it is doing everything it can to bring about equality. This includes education programs for people […]

The Government decides to take the CBI away from inspection under the RTI Act – hiding more details ?

The UPA Government is currently under a lot of pressure because of the various corruption investigations ongoing; the courts are looking into various issues and even guiding the CBI on how to do its investigations. In specific cases such as the Telecom 2G scam, the Supreme Court will scold the CBI when it feels that […]