The shock to the DMK – the arrest of Kanimozhi; but what can do the DMK do ?

Finally the long awaited arrest happened. After the earlier arrest of DMK’s Raja, the investigation of the case by the CBI kept on moving ahead, guided by the ongoing investigation by the CBI, with media highlighting the various lapses by the CBI and by the investigation agencies, and with the Supreme Court looking into the progress of the cases. The reports by the CBI, the ED and the Income Tax department are ongoing, and from time to time, the Supreme Court gets into the progress of the cases and delivers some sort of strictures to the agencies. Just recently, the Supreme Court delivered warnings to the Income Tax department about why it has not carried out investigations since 2008, even when there is information available on tax evasions. The reply by the IT department, about the companies being big just went to further enrage the court, and one can expect that such warnings will be ongoing whenever the court sees any kind of interference by politicians.
This warning and court monitoring is what is being used by the Congress Government to convince the DMK that it can do nothing as the investigation into the 2G scam reaches Karunanidhi’s family. Earlier, Kanimozhi’s lawyers tried to blame Raja and then Sharat Kumar for everything that happened so far, claiming that Kanimozhi only held 20% of Kalaignar TV, and hence was innocent. However, this is a laughable supposition. A channel launched by Karunanidhis family, named on him, and she had no role to play. And Karunanidhi’s wife was the 60% share holder (and has not been charged so far, because of her old age).

And finally it happened. The CBI court finally decided that the bail petition of Kanimozhi was not maintainable, and decided to send her to jail. And so, like many other high profile people of recent times, the culturally inclined daughter of Karunanidhi, his supposed favorite, was sent to Tihar jail, deprived of the facilities that she is accustomed to. This was a shock to Karunanidhi, and the rumor mills went into overdrive about what the DMK would do.
It is quite believable to think that the DMK will not be able to do anything. The Congress is dependent on the DMK because of the 18 MP’s it holds, but the DMK is even more dependent on the Congress Government. Even if the Congress is not able to save the DMK members from the investigation, if the DMK withdraws support, it will be in a worse condition. The AIADMK is now in power in the state, and one can suppose that she will do whatever she can do to put the DMK under pressure, including various investigations. It is only the Ministers at the center that give the DMK some power (link to article):

At 2.30pm when the news broke, no one could have been more devastated than former chief minister M Karunanidhi. As the news flashed on TV channels that Kanimozhi will be arrested and sent to Tihar Jail, the DMK patriarch broke down, sobbing. Kanimozhi is his favourite daughter and he had once tried hard to ensure she didn’t enter politics. Today, as he grabbed the import of the development, Karunanidhi couldn’t control his emotions.
Earlier in the day, about 11.30am after the court adjourned proceedings, Karunanidhi, who was at his Gopalapuram residence, rushed to his CIT Colony bungalow where his daughter lives. Soon, senior leaders, including his younger son MK Stalin, trooped in, looking sombre. The court decision has come as a major blow for Karunanidhi and his DMK, just recovering from a major debacle in the assembly polls.

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