BJP in Karnataka manages to overcome the ruling of the Supreme Court regarding disqualifiction of MP’s

A couple of days back, there was a major judgment by the Supreme Court of India that could have shaken the Karnataka Chief Minister, BS Yeddyurappa. The Supreme Court held that the action taken by the Speaker of Karnataka, K.G. Bopaiah, in disqualifying 11 BJP legislators and 5 independent MLA’s was unconstitutional and devoid of logic. Further, the action taken by the Karnataka High Court which approved the actions of the speaker was also over-turned. In that sense, the Supreme Court has criticized the actions of both the Speaker and the High Court and brought back 16 MLA’s to the equation.
Given the way that the Governor HR Bhardwaj has acted in the past, he is another variable in the equation. His relation with the Chief Minister has not been cordial in any way and he has been accused of acting like an opposition in the state, with comments against the Chief Minister, his policies, and his minister. The Governor should feel gratified by this action of the Supreme Court, since it seems like the Court has done precisely what the Govldernor would have wanted; now, this should actually put the Chief Minister and the BJP under pressure, since the number game would have gone against the BJP now.

However, it seems that the Chief Minister is carrying on with this manipulations, and not giving any chance for the opposition and the Governor to take action that could harm the Government. There were 2 events that happened – there were 3 byelections in the state assembly, which were won by the BJP, leaving the Congress and the JD(S) in the dust. And ever since it became known that these MLA’s are back in the count, there were hectic steps taken to ensure that they were supportive, through measures such as offering them ministerships, or making them the heads of state bodies, which should ensure that they are able to get perks and money (under the table) and keep them supportive. Further, the mining lobby has been neutralized for some time, so there should not be any troubles to the Chief Minister from that side.
In that sense, the BJP is behaving exactly like any other political party, where it will offer whatever it takes to get the required support, certainly not like what a party with a difference would do. (link to news article):

Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa on Sunday survived the third threat to his leadership in three years with 16 rebel law makers announcing they will support his leadership. “We will meet governor HR Bhardwaj in Bangalore and give a letter extending support to Yeddyurappa’s leadership,” the rebel law makers told reporters in New Delhi, three days after the apex court restored their membership.
BJP spokesperson and special representative in New Delhi V Dhananjaya Kumar said 10 of the BJP rebels who were in the national capital have already faxed a letter to Raj Bhavan extending support to Yeddyurappa. “All 16 of us, (11 of the ruling BJP and five Independents) are united and BJP central leaders have assured to solve the problems we have,” law makers Belur Gopalakrishna, S K Bellubbi, Anand Asnotikar and others said at the joint press meet.

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